The Top 5 Rest Stops on Australian Highways

Port neil

Whether you’re travelling long distance for work or pleasure, taking rest breaks along your journey could end up saving your life.

We’ve all seen the statistics about driving tired, (about 20-30% of all fatal crashes on Australian roads are due to fatigue), so it’s no wonder that programs like Driver Reviver have been trying to tackle the problem for years.

Thankfully, as our highways and infrastructure improve and expand around the country, so too have rest stop areas. Most rest areas will have:

  • picnic tables
  • BBQs
  • water
  • toilets
  • bins
  • parking areas
  • shelter
  • tourist and route information
  • Some even have playgrounds

There are over 450 rest areas in Queensland alone. They are available all year round and you can normally stop there for up to 20 hours. However, they aren’t long-term camping sites.

Here are the top 5 rest stops just off our country’s big highways:

Five Mile Creek park area, 700m off Bruce Highway, Queensland


This rest area north of Townsville offers wheelchair access toilets, BBQ’s, picnic tables, shelter, and caravan facilities. It’s located next to a swimming hole on the north side of Five Mile Creek, so it’s a good place to stop with the family (or if you want a dip).

Lake Mary Ann park area, 1.7kms off Stuart Highway, Northern Territory


Situated at picturesque Lake Mary Ann, about 5km north of Tennant Creek, this rest stop has facilities like BBQ’s, sheltered picnic tables, showers, water, caravan facilities, and toilets with wheelchair access.

Mundoonan no. 2 rest area, just off Hume Highway, New South Wales


22kms east of Yass along the Hume Highway sits the Mundoonan rest area, a nice secluded spot for a rest and revive. It’s only available to those travelling eastbound, but offers BBQ’s, shelter, picnic areas, wheelchair access toilets, water, caravan facilities, plus it’s dog friendly.

Gol Gol park area, just off Stuart Highway, New South Wales

gol gol

Nearly touching the Victorian/NSW border, Gol Gol rest stop is a relaxing stop along the Stuart Highway for the whole family. Kids can enjoy the playground on site, while other facilities include sheltered picnic tables, BBQ’s, wheelchair access toilets, large park area, dog friendly.

Port Neill park area, 3kms off Lincoln Highway, South Australia

Port neil

Who doesn’t like the sound of a rest stop at the beach? Not far off the Lincoln Highway is the seaside town of Port Neill, which comes with it’s very own picturesque rest stop at the foreshore. It has BBQ’s, picnic tables, water, showers, wheelchair access toilets, caravan facilities, and it’s dog friendly.


Where will your next rest stop be?